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Teachers are encouraged to contact Smile Solutions to book the Tooth Fairy to visit their kindergarten or school.

Download our information flyer

What does the visit involve?
Doris the Tooth Fairy will attend with a dental helper and her friendly puppet Boris the Dragon. Together they will educate your class about basic dental care. The session will be interactive and fun.

How long does the visit take?
The visit lasts approximately 20 minutes and is both interactive and fun for the children.

What will children learn?
The Tooth Fairy and her assistant will show children the best way to brush and floss their teeth and how often they need to do this. Children will learn about the foods they should eat to keep their teeth clean, strong and healthy. They will also find out what to expect when it's time to lose their first tooth.

What will children take home?
The children will take home an educational letter for their parents, a dental voucher, tooth chart, colouring in sheets and more. Each child will also receive a polaroid photo of them with the Tooth Fairy and Boris the Dragon.

Book now to avoid disappointment.
To make a booking please call 13 13 96.

Parents should be aware that no two children's dental needs are the same. The answers here are of a general nature only; you are advised to seek dental advice specific to your child.

I am ready to book my child in for a dental appointment - who does Smile Solutions recommend that we see?

We highly recommend that children be seen by a dental therapist.

Dental therapists have studied for a Bachelor of Oral Health.
They mainly focus on working with children and are skilled in helping your child to feel comfortable visiting the dentist. One of their roles is to teach and motivate children about looking after their teeth, as well as to help educate parents and other adults in preventative dentistry.

Working with pre-school, primary and secondary school children under the supervision of dentists, they also perform procedures such as examinations, X-rays, cleaning and polishing, filling of cavities, and applying sealants to pits and fissures.

The therapist will refer any complex dental matters to an appropriate general dentist, or even a child specialist (also known as specialist paedodontist or specialist paediatric dentist). Child specialists, like all Dental Board registered specialists, have completed university training in addition to their bachelor degree in general dentistry.

If you would like to book your child in for an appointment with one of our dental therapists, click Visit Smile Solutions tab or here.

Dear Parents,
Download a letter to your child from The Tooth Fairy. Simply fill in the form below and submit.
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